2012 Intern Papers


Project Title

Jason Adelaars Geospatial analyses of oceanographic and atmospheric parameters off the California coast.
Dongsik Chang Another perspective of ocean currents prediction for navigation: Tradespace between vehicle performance and ocean model accuracy.
Patricia Clark Go with the flow: a study of lava morphologies and flow distribution on the Alarcón Rise, Gulf of California, Mexico.
Peter Corr-Barberis Improving the dynamics, efficiency, and recoverability of the PowerBuoy System.
Erica Curles The internal and external Deep-Sea Guide: Developing for the public versus an internal client.
Audrey Djunaedi Dosage response of a zooplankton molecular detection system with true environmental background.
Geraldine Fauville MBARI diving into social media.
Michael Fong WaveGlider observations of pCO2, pH, and upwelling dynamics in the Monterey Bay during the spring 2012 CANON experiment.
Anna Gallagher Measuring the concentration of CO2 in the deep ocean: Methods and detection limits using laser Raman spectroscopy.
Brandon Genco A continued study on the abundance and population structure of the functionally important holothurian Elpidia minutissima, at the long-term abyssal study site Station M.
Francisco Lopez Matlab stoqstoolbox for accessing in situ measurements: Example of use for the CANON data and JPL Monterey Bay ROMS model output.
Jaine Perotti Software development for a low voltage load switching board.
Samantha Peterson The identification process: Human and program (AVEDac) effectiveness.
Justin Tucker Project Shearwater: Preliminary design considerations.
Diane Wyse Sensing, scattering, and surrogates: Analysis of data from the laser in-situ scattering and transmissometry 100X sensor on the Dorado autonomous underwater vehicle.