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News stories and videos from our cruises

The list below are news stories and videos that are derived from our group's cruises or samples. See also our Cruise Logs.


Pescadero Basin news release and YouTube video

News stories

Pescadero Basin Pescadero Basin news release and YouTube video
UCSC story UCSC Science Notes - story, podcast, and video about our project by Tanya Lewis
GoC: cruisin' crabs

MBARI news story about mapping the Axial 2011 eruption with our AUV


MBARI news stories about our 2012 GOC expedition:

Mapping AUV news story

MBARI news story about 2011 Juan de Fuca ROV and AUV ops

Lau eruption Lau Basin 2009 expedition (blog, Vents Program announcement and NOAA press release)
water sampling Ridge Events newsletter article (starts on page 5)
MBA mission Monterey Bay Aquarium's Mission to the Deep exhibit features a mission to map Davidson Seamount in: Map undersea mountains
ancient beach MBARI news story about seamounts off Southern California that were ancient islands
seamount coral USGS newsletter about Seamounts 2003 expedition

YouTube videos (visit MBARI's YouTube channel for complete list)

Pescadero Basin Pescadero Basin news release and YouTube video
YouTube video Four new species of carniverous sponges
YouTube video PBS Digital Studios' Songs for Unusual Creatures series: Magnapinna squid
YouTube video High-tech robots reveal details of the deep
YouTube video New harp sponges
YouTube video Deep sea angler fish
YouTube video New enteropneusts
YouTube video Gulf of California 2012 expedition
YouTube video Challenges of working in the deep sea
YouTube video "Snow-blower" hydrothermal vents (won Honorable Mention in the 2012 Labby Multimedia Awards!)
YouTube video Axial's Ashes vent Deep-ESP deployment
stars and corals Coral-devouring sea stars
YouTube video Davidson Seamount
YouTube video Hydrothermal vents
MBARI YouTube video Hawaii highlights

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