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These logbooks are from expeditions that have involved the Submarine Volcanism group. For the MBARI "Expedition" logs, select Logbook and click on dates in the calendar to see reports and images sent from the ship back to shore each day. Here is information about the sampling equipment we use.

perched lava pillow

Gulf of California, expedition leg 5

ROV Doc Ricketts dives D739-748
Alarcon Rise and the bounding transforms, Alarcon Seamounts, and Pescadero Basin

perched lava pillow

Ridges 2014, expedition leg 2

ROV Doc Ricketts dives D655-662
Axial Volcano summit and rift zones

collapsed flow

Ridges 2013, expedition legs 2 and 3

ROV Doc Ricketts dives D515-530
Axial Volcano and CoAxial 1993 flow

GoC Expedition

Gulf of California 2012, expedition leg 7

ROV Doc Ricketts dives D391-401
Alarcon Rise and Seamounts

MBARI YouTube video about the expedition

Northern Expedition

Ridges 2011, expedition legs 1 and 2

ROV Doc Ricketts dives 254-270
Axial Volcano, Endeavour, CoAxial, North Cleft, Vance

MBARI YouTube videos: D-ESP (Leg 1) and snowblower vents (Leg 2)


Taney 2010

ROV Doc Rickettsdives 173-178
Taney Seamounts

MBARI YouTube video: sea stars

Northern Expedition

Ridges 2009, expedition legs 4 and 5

ROV Doc Ricketts dives 70-84
Axial Volcano; Vance, President Jackson, and Pioneer Seamounts; Juan de Fuca and Gorda Ridges

Volcanic eruption in Lau Basin

Lau Basin 2009

ROV Jason dives 413-420
West Mata and NE Lau Spreading Center
[NOAA press release, and Vents Program announcement, including video and images] new
[Cruise report]

lava bridge

NeMO 2007

ROV Jason dives 286-295
Axial Volcano and Endeavour and Cobb Segments, Juan de Fuca Ridge
[Cruise report - 8 Mb PDF]

bamboo coral

Seamounts 2007

ROVTiburon dives 1100-1104
Pioneer and Davidson Seamounts, Monterey Canyon

MBARI YouTube video: Davidson Seamount

Pisces launch

Hilo 2006

Pisces IV dives 165-171
Hilo Reefs

collapsed lobes

NeMO 2006

ROV ROPOS dives 1009-1014
Endeavour Segment and Axial Volcano
[Cruise report - 7 Mb PDF]

collapsed lobes

Vance 2006

ROV Tiburon dives 1007-1014
Vance Seamounts and Axial Volcano

collapsed lava lake

Ridges 2005

ROV Tiburon dives 874-892
Juan de Fuca and Gorda Ridges

Easter Microplate 2005

Alvin dives 4087-4098
Easter Microplate, Southern East Pacific Rise, Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

Seamounts 2004

ROV Tiburon dives 661-670
Rodriguez, San Juan, San Marcos, Little Joe Seamounts, Northeast Bank, Patton Escarpment

Seamounts 2003

ROV Tiburon dives 627-631
Pioneer and Rodriguez Seamounts

Gulf of California 2003

ROV Tiburon dives 552-558
Alarcon Rise and East Pacific Rise

MBARI YouTube video: hydrothermal vents

Gorda Ridge 2002

ROV Tiburon dives 448-456
Mendocino Transform, Escanaba Trough and Gorda Ridge

Davidson Seamount 2002

ROV Tiburon dives 425-430
Davidson Seamount

Hawaii 2001

ROV Tiburon dives 272-328 (Legs 2,3,4)
Mahukona, Kohala, Puna Ridge, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, Niihau, and points between

MBARI YouTube video: expedition highlights

Gorda Ridge 2000

ROV Tiburon dives 185-200
Escanaba Trough and Gorda Ridge
Western Flyer Expeditions
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