Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years

The history of MBARI

Some of our favorite photos
from the first two decades:

Top achievements of the first 20 years

David Packard 1987-2007
Science and engineering teamwork, as envisioned by founder David Packard
ROV Ventana 1988
Ventana's more than 3,000 research dives
Monterey Bay Time Series 1989
The Monterey Bay Time Series
Video Annotation 1988-2005
Annotating deep-sea dive video for research use
MBA link program1989
Bringing deep sea dives to the public via the "Live Link" program
Deep sea biomass 1987-2007
Discoveries of deep-sea biomass and biodiversity using an ROV
tiburon launch1989-1996
Developing an advanced remotely operated vehicle for ocean science
CO2 experiment 1998
Experiments on the effects of carbon dioxide sequestration in the deep sea
laser Raman2000-2007
The Monterey Ocean Observing System
ISUS 2000
The In Situ Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer
Marine microbes 1999-2007
Documentation of the diversity and importance of marine microbes
Proteorhodopsin 2000
Discovery of proteorhodopsin
Environmental Sample Processor2001-2007
The Environmental Sample Processor
MARS cabled observatory2002-2007
Monterey Accelerated Research System
AOSN 2003
The Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network
laser Raman2003
The Deep Ocean Raman In Situ Spectrometer
Video Annotation 2004
Discovery of the bone-eating worms in the genus Osedax
LONO 2004
The Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory
Mapping AUV 2004
The D. Allan B. mapping autonomous underwater vehicle
Sinker 2005
Discovery that the discarded feeding nets of giant larvaceans are an important source of organic carbon for the deep seafloor