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Larger animals in the open ocean

MBARI lead researchers Bruce Robison and Steve Haddock study "midwater animals"—animals that live below the surface, but above the seafloor. MBARI's remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are ideal platforms for observing slow-moving, fragile midwater animals such as jellies. This group of animals includes "jellyfish" (which scientists call medusae), ctenophores, siphonophores, and a host of other gelatinous creatures.

In addition to jellies, Robison's midwater research group has also studied deep-sea squids, fishes, and other swimming animals. Robison has also collacborated by marine ecologist Ken Smith to study life around Antarctic icebergs. Haddock's research group performs research on "bioluminescent" marine organisms, studying how and why they produce their own light in the darkness of the deep sea.


Squids, fishes, and other midwater animals
    MBARI lead researcher in this field:
    Bruce Robison (Midwater ecologist)

Marine life around icebergs

Glowing marine organisms
    MBARI lead researcher in this field:
    Steve Haddock (Marine biologist)

Last updated: Oct. 05, 2015