Example Technology Page

A screen shot of the ODSS during an experiment

Experiment View in the ODSS

This is where the text about the technology will go.  Sort of the Executive Summary/Elevator Speech.  The blog section below should pull in posts that are tagged with technology-name-news where name is the short name of the technology.  Examples would be odss, beds, mars, moos, stoqs, etc.

For the team listing below, the blog posts should be linked using tags of the form staff-technology-name where name is as described above.  Then you would find each member of the team (their post) and add that tag to their list of tags.

The related items to the right are linked in by tagging those posts with technology-name-related where name is as described above.

The ordering of the news items and the team can be re-ordered using the re-order option under posts.


Kevin Gomes

Information Engineering Group Lead