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Robbie's Roost named

Robbie's Roost


by Bob Vrijenhoek

I found and named a new hydrothermal site after Robert Dalpe, my first grandchild. It was named "Robbie's Roost".

The site was covered with deep-sea mussels and tubeworms. We had a very successful day there collecting the animals we needed for our studies.

The vent is located at 7 degrees 24.90 minutes south and 113 degrees 12.00 minutes west at a depth of 2578 meters. The water temperature was a balmy 20-30 C (just right for mussels).

We took plenty of pictures. Any subsequent dives to this site will see the Robbie's Roost marker we left at the site (half of a plastic paint bucket lid). Hopefully the magic marker letters will last.

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