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Katherine Willis
Summer Intern

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
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Katy is at Cardiff University, United Kingdom, reading an MESci in Geology. Her interest in Geology began at a young age, when she compared a bowl of cooling custard to the construction of the Earth. It took 14 years working as a Marine Engineer before she returned to higher education and discovered that the Earth has a structure far more complex and fascinating than custard.

In 2011 a field trip to the Lizard Ophiolite triggered Katy's curiosity in igneous petrology and the genesis of oceanic crust. A 2013 visit to the Troodos Massif, Cyprus confirmed her interest in ophiolites, despite some of the most extreme weather variations experienced on a field trip. Katy not only broke her toe, she also slipped a disk in her back.

Past research studies have primarily centered on structural geology and reconstructing the geological history of sites. Future studies include determining the development of plagiogranite in Muslim Bagh, a Tethyan ophiolite.

Katy is delighted to be undertaking a summer internship with David Clague. During this time she will be analyzing the structural and geochemical feature of the Alarcon Rise, which is situated in the Gulf of California.

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