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Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Botany

Marine Botany Students at Hopkins Marine Station

Winter 2005 Judith Connor and Patrick Martone Winter 2003 Judith Connor and Patrick Martone Winter 2001 Judith Connor and Caren Braby Winter 1999 Judith Connor, Deb Robertson and Elizabeth Nelson
  • Allison Arnold and Monica Draghici collaborated on Gonyaulax.
  • Lisa Chen tastefully took Porphyra in the Bangiales.
  • Sharon Komarrow selected the valuable gel-producer Gelidium.
  • Devon Lake studied the Turkish towel, Chondracanthus.
  • Will Ludington took Mastocarpus, the tiny Turkish towel of the Gigartinales.
  • Sarah Oehm fell in love with the sea palm Postelsia.
  • Jacqueline Pratt studied Sargassum muticum of the Fucales.
  • Sarah Present chose the feather-boa Egregia of the Laminariales.
  • Jennifer Shin focused on the toxic diatom,  Pseudo-nitzschia.
Winter 1996 Judith Connor and Ben Hale
  • John Becker chose the centric diatoms, Centrales.
  • Eric Eisenhardt wanted Plocamium in the order Plocamiales.
  • Marc Felton preferred Botryocladia in the order Rhodymeniales.
  • Ben Hale elected to study Gracilariopsis in the order Gigartinales (1996).
  • Rhoda Lin picked Pelvetia in the order Fucales.  
  • Erika Marin-Spiotta finally settled on Phyllospadix, the surf grass.
  • Angie Nakano chose Cladophora in the order Cladophorales.
  • Elizabeth Nelson decided on Iridaea, now Mazzaella in the order Gigartinales.
  • Josh Rapport came back to the dinoflagellates.
  • Pete Spanos favored Bossiella in the order Corallinales.
  • Kathy Tyson selected Codium of the order Codiales.
  • Alison Whitman dove into Macrocystis in the order Laminariales
Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009