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Distichlis spicata

Monterey Bay Scale

Monterey Bay, central California, USA
Image from MBARI canyon mapping program:

What Am I Seeing?

Monterey Bay is located on the central coast of California, roughly two hours south of San Francisco. The bay itself is shaped like a backwards "C" cut into the coastline, and measures just about 35 km in the north-south direction by 20 km in the east-west direction (from Moss Landing at the mouth of Monterey Canyon out to the open ocean). The area generally experiences a Mediterranean climate, with wet winters and a relatively small range of temperatures during the year.

Saltgrass was located and photographed in three of the many locations it can likely be found around the bay - Elkhorn Slough (Kirby Park), Moss Landing (Moss Landing State Beach), and the Monterey Peninsula (Hopkins Marine Station). The first two locations are located very near the mouth of the underwater Monterey Canyon, near the north-south middle of the bay, and Hopkins Marine Station can be found on the the small peninsula that forms the bottom lip of the bay.

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