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Distichlis spicata

Other sites with information on Distichlis spicata:

  1. US Forest Service Information
    Extensive descriptions and basic information about the species, also with a large, fairly comprehensive list of primary sources for further investigation.
  2. USDA Plant Profile
    Good snapshot of "official" scientific profile of the plant.
  3. USDA Plant Guide
    Page "brochure" that lists, among other information, uses, management and control of Distichlis spicata. Also with a good list of primary literature cited.
  4. Online Botany textbook (UCLA)
    General botanic information, look under "Lifeforms" then "Halophytes" for Distichlis and other similar plants.
  5. Images of Distichlis (Texas A&M)
    A number of the original images from the first detailed investigations of Distichlis at Texas A&M in 1950.


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