Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Botany
 BIOLOGY 164/ 264H: Marine Botany 2011

Winter Quarter, F 10-12, Lab: F 1:00 - 5:00, + field trips [5 units]
Requirements: Individual project website, midterm, final lab practical, symposium presentation
Readings from Encyclopedia of Tidepools and Rocky Shores edited by Denny and Gaines (2007). Laboratory use of Marine Algae of California by Abbott and Hollenberg (1977) and Keys to the Seaweeds and Seagrasses of Oregon and California, North of Point Conception by Gabrielson. Widdowson and. Lindstrom. 2004.

1st Week
Expectations: Content, Communication, Computers skills
Overview of algae, Evolution of plastids
Introduction to microscopes and keys
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 10-21 Algae overview

2nd Week
Basic seaweed form and structure
Calcified algae, crusts and turfs
Material properties and wave motion
Pressing seaweeds
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 37-41 Crusts

3rd Week
Seaweed reproduction and life histories
Low tide exploration
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 45-47 Algal life cycles
Web critique due

4th Week
Physical and chemical factors
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 33-36 Algal color
Photography and web authoring

5th Week
Student projects: place your order, pick your species
Intertidal zonation
Communities: rocky intertidal, kelp forests, estuaries, deep sea drift
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 647-653 Zonation and 315-320 Kelps

6th Week
Algal blooms
Plankton tow
Web project outline due
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 30-33 Algal blooms and 435-437 Phytoplankton

7th Week
Algal biogeography
Invasive species, Algal economics
Work on projects, low tide
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 24-29 Biogeography and page 41-45 Economics

8th Week
Practice lab practical
Biological interactions: herbivory, parasites, competition
Work on projects
Submit presentation titles
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 270-273 Herbivory and 153-158 Competition

9th Week
Symposium: student presentations
Work on projects
Thanksgiving Dinner at Algal Acres

10th Week
Web project due
Reading in Encyclopedia: pages 555-559 Succession

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