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Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Botany


The Ocean's Rose

Pugetia fragilissima & Pugetia firma

The soft, red, and undivided blades of Pugetia make it one the ocean's most delicate and exquisite genuses of algae. Many Pugetia species grow in temperate waters throughout the world. This site focuses on the two species found within Monterey Bay, California: Pugetia fragilissima and Pugetia firma. This site is an exploration of Pugetia's biology within the context of its greater ecological role. To compete in the cold nutrient rich waters of Monterey, these two algae species have developed a variety of adaptations allowing them to secure both living space and sufficient light for photosynthesis. Very little research has been previously conducted on Pugetia, making this site one of the first comprehensive studies on this beautiful genus of weeds. Many new questions and potential areas of research are discussed, illustrating just how much still remains to be learned about Pugetia and many of the other weeds thriving in Monterey Bay.

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