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Illustrious Iridaea flaccida Sorry you can't see this beautiful picture of Iridaeanow Mazzaella flaccida

Greek myths describe Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, as a messenger for the Olympian deities. The characteristics of the alga Iridaea flaccida strikingly reflect its namesake. The same properties of light which produce a rainbow provide Iridaea's surface with its brilliant iridescence. Vibrant colors wash across the thallus surface due to the multilayered construction of its cuticle. As a reliable messenger, I. flaccida subtly manages to communicate its phase of life history to the casual observer--yet it lives an isomorphic existence. Both its iridescent cuticle and the differences in blade strength between its life phases provide insights into the adaptations of wave-swept algae to mechanical stress.
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Isomorphic Iridaea:

A Terrific Triphasic You Can Even Tell Apart

Mechanical Properties of Iridaea flaccida:

Stressed Out in 3-D Waves are a Drag

Iridaea, the Incidental Beauty: An Explanation of Iridescence

Concluding Remarks

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