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Botryoglossum Taxonomy

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Taxonomic Controversy

A Pictoral Comparison

The taxonomy of Botryoglossum is probably the area in which the most actual study has been done, due to the doubt of its monogeneric nature.   

Botryoglossum farlowianum is currently classified in the following way:

 Kingdom: Plantae

    Division: Rhodophyta

       Class: Florideophyceae

          Order: Ceramiales

             Family: Delesseriaceae

                Genus: Botryoglossum

                   Species: Farlowianum

                      Varieties: farlowianum, anomalum

T here are some recent studies which have called this method of classification into question. To learn more about this controversy, see the above links.

The other Botryoglossum found on the West Coast is B. ruprechtianum. The two species of Botryoglossum differ in a few ways. B. ruprechtianum has more bulbous edges and the marginal proliferations are more often crenate, rather than the crisp margins of B. farlowianum.

Botryoglossum reprechtianum

B. ruprechtianum

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