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Botryoglossum Acknowledgements

The making of this website would not have been possible were it not for a few very wonderful people: 

Ms. Judith Connor - my teacher, my student, and the reason I'm making this in the first place. Without her, I never would've known the difference between the Heterokontophyta and the Phaeophyta, or how Phyllospadix fits into the whole plant scheme of things. Her help and insight throughout this process have been priceless. 

Ms. Caren Braby - a wonderful resource for all manner of things, from research information to life advice to delicious desserts (even ones made from seaweed!). There's no way I could have done this without her. And without her, I'd probably still be stuck in a too-small wetsuit in a locker room somewhere. 

Mr. James Lopez - the man whose web wisdom, humor, and CD burner I couldn't have done without. He also makes a mean bowl of fried rice.

Mr. Ben Hale - the biomechanics wiz that showed me how very weak my alga actually is.  

Ian Ehrenreich, Melissa Roth, Anna Kirby - the rest of the Botany crew. They rode the rough seas with me, and were there to assist me when things came up. 

class photo

Class snorkel at Coral Street

Also, thanks to Hopkins Marine Station , and the Gilbert M. Smith Herbarium housed within it, from which I got all of my herbarium specimens. 


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