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Fauchea: Regional and Global Distribution

     Three species in the genus Fauchea can be found in Monterey Bay. Besides Fauchea laciniata we have F. fryeana and F. galapagensis. The map below details the distribution of these algae

Map of west coast of North America

     F. laciniata J. Agardh is considered synonymous for the following species: Fauchea laciniata f. pygmaea Setchell & Gardner 1912 B, Fauchea pygmaea(Setchell & Gardner) Kylin 194, and Fauchea media Kylin. For a more detailed discussion on the reasoning behind not differentiating between these species, see the evolution page.

     Around the world several species within the Genus exist. The following list may or may not be complete. Some of the species listed are up for consideration and may eventually be determined to be synonymous for already described species. Names followed by locations and type locality if available:

Fauchea fryeana Setchell - NE Pacific.

Fauchea (?) furcellata Baardseth - SE Atlantic: Nightingale, Inaccessible Islands, Tristan da Cunha.

Fauchea galapagensis W.R. Taylor - NE Pacific.

Fauchea gardneri Setchell (synonymous with Fryeella gardneri (Setchell) Kylin) - NE Pacific.

Fauchea hassleri M.A. Howe & W.R. Taylor - SW Atlantic: Brazil.

Fauchea leptophylla Segawa - NW & SW Pacific: Kozu-shima, Izu-shoto, Japan.

Fauchea madagascariensis Farghaly, nom. inva - Indian Ocean: Tulear [Toliara], Madagascar.

Fauchea microspora Bornet - NE Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean: Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain.

Fauchea mollis Howe - NE Pacific: La Paz, Mexico.

Fauchea peltata W.R. Taylor (synonymous with Asteromenia peltata (W.R. Taylor) Huisman & A.J.K. Millar) - Caribbean, SW Atlantic: Isla Tortuga, Venezuela.

Fauchea procumbens Weber-van Bosse - Australasia: New Zealand.

Fauchea profunda Børgesen - Indian Ocean: Flat Island, Mauritius

Fauchea repens (C. Agardh) Montagne & Bory de Saint-Vincent - NE Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean: Spain.

Fauchea rhizophylla W.R. Taylor (synonymous with Sciadophycus stellatus E.Y. Dawson) - NW Pacific, Indian Ocean: Post Office Bay, Isla Santa Maria, Galapagos.

Fauchea sefferi Howe - NE Pacific

Fauchea setchellii (Lindauer) D. E. G. Irvine & M. D. Guiry - ??

Fauchea spinulosa Okamura & Segawa - NW Pacific, Indian Ocean: Susaki, Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

Fauchea stipitata Yamada & Segawa - NW Pacific: Japan.

Fauchea xishaensis Xia & Wang - NW Pacific: China

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