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Delesseria decipiens Glossary

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Auxiliary cell- receives the diploid nucleus after fertilization and develops into the carposporophyte. The auxiliary cell is not formed until after fertilization.

Carpogonium- specialized elongate female gametophyte cell located at the end of the carpogonial branch.

Carpospore- product of the carposporophyte, develops into the tetrasporophyte.

Carpospor ophyte- parasitic,diploid life stage that develops on the female gametophyte after fertilization. Produces carpospores

Cystocarp- structure of female gametophyte that includes the pericarp (n) and carposporophyte (2n)

Dioieous- having male and female reproductive structures on separate individuals, separate sexes

Gametophyte- haploid life stage, grows from tetraspores and produces gametes. Dioecious, site of fertilization.

Intercalary Division - division not occurring at the apical cell

Isomorphic- having morphologically similar gametophyte and tetrasporophyte phases

Monopodial- growth pattern where the main axis remains the main axis throughout the life of the seaweed .

Monostomatic- only one cell layer thick

Oogomy- life history where female gamete is large and non-motile

Parenchymatous- growth where cell division is not restricted to any particular cell, cells can divide in more than one plane.

Pericarp- Female gametophyte tissue that surrounds the carposporophyte. Together with the carposporophyte it makes up the cystocarp.

Pericentral Cell- four cells that form directly off of the axial cells during growth. They will divide further to form the lateral veins, supporting cells of the carpogonium and thicken the midrib

Polystromatic- more than one cell layer thick

Pseudoparenchyma - construction consisting of an aggregate of filaments where cell division is restricted to certain cells in the seaweed structure

Spermatia - non-motile sperm, characteristic of the Division Rhodophyta

Spermatangia - specialized male reproductive cells which produce spermatia

Tetrasporangia- site of meiosis on the tetrasporophyte that results in the production of tetraspores

Tetrasporophyte- diploid life stage that produces tetraspores on structures called tetrasporangia

Trichogyne- elongate end of carpogonium that is the site of spermatia attachment

Triphasic- Life history consisting of three phases

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