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Antithamnion defectum


auxiliary cell---cell to which the zygote is passed after fertilization in red algae

dioecious---male and female gametangia are on separate individuals

epiphytic---growing on a seaweed or plant

filamentous---cells lined-up in single file

gonimoblast---part of carposporophyte, developing from carpogonium or from the auxiliary cell in red algae

indeterminate---not a terminal branch, growth not pre-determined or limited

multiseriate---more than one line of cells

oogamous---union of a motile or broadcast male gamete with a larger, nonmotile female gamete

pectinate---branches all on one side of axis, like a comb

pedicellate---held up by a thin stem-like cell, supporting, for example, tetrasporangia
polysiphonous---a single-file longitudinal filament of cells surrounded by tiers of cells

procarp---the unfertilized female gametangia, or carpogonial branch

supporting cell---structural cell in the female gametangia that bears carpogonium or carpogonial branch

syngamy---the joining of two gametes, resulting in fertilization

trichogyne---thin hair-like appendage extending from the procarp; spermatium usually binds to this

uniaxial---one main axis of growth

uniseriate---having a single file of cells


whorl-branch---branchlets that are determinate in growth

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