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Antithamnion defectum

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Antithamnion defectum

Breakwater, Monterey, CA at 35 feet

underwater at Breakwater, Monterey

A. defectum lives on low lying rocks with many other small red algae.

underwater photo of red algae on rocks

underwater photo of red algae on rocks

Aquarium Intake Pipe, Monterey, CA

aquarium water intake pipe

aquarium water intake pipe

rock with fuzzy reds

Antithamnion and Calliarthron

On more rocks...

antithamnion on a rock

Antithamnion on a rock


Antithamnion dendroidem

Nereocystis stipe, found on Asilomar Beach, Pacific Grove, CA

Antithamnion on a nereocystis stipe

Nereocystis stipe with Antithamnion

Macrocystis pneumatocyst, found on Carmel Beach, Carmel, CA

pneumatocyst with Antithamnion

close up of pneumatocyst with Antithamnion

Microscopic pictures of A. dendroidem

A. dendroidem a. dendroidem close up

A. dendroidem close up

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