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Marine Botany


    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Prionitis lanceolata, unassuming or extraordinary? Algae growing all over it! Animals living on it! Bacteria living in it! Also controversy! Who are its real relatives? Watch out for this shifty character; he can look wildly different from one encounter to the next! Find out more about this amazing alga below!

    Taxonomy – Why does P. lanceolata belong in the classifications it is in? Where did the first discoverers think it belonged?
    Morphology– What does P. lanceolata look like, from the inside and out?
    Life History– How does P. lanceolata <gasp> have babies?
    Ecology – Where does P. lanceolata live? How does it look different depending on where it's living? What lives on P. lanceolata?
    GalleryP. lanceolata photo shoot!
    GlossaryHelp! What are all these fancy words?

    Created by Alice Chiu, 2003. Images may be used with permission.