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    Prionitis lanceolata

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    basiphyte– substrate for an epiphytic plant

    carpogonium– haploid female gamete

    carposporophyte– diploid plant that bears diploid carpospores, remains embedded in gametophyte

    conceptacle– a reproductive chamber sunken into the algal tissue with a surface opening (ostiole)

    cortex– outermost layer of plant tissue

    cruciate– describes the dividing pattern of tetraspores, divided in two planes at right angles to one another forming a "cross" shape

    dioecious– having male and female reproductive structures on separate individual plants

    gametophyte– haploid plant that bears haploid gametes, male and female

    medulla– innermost layer of plant tissue

    multiaxial– having a medulla with a central core of several parallel longitudinal filaments

    nemathecium– wart-like elevation bearing reproductive structures

    oogamy– fertilization in which sperm fertilizes a large, non-motile egg

    perennial– living for more than one year

    pinnate– feather-like branching pattern

    pinnule– side branching that forms a feather-like pattern

    pyrenoid– an organelle often associated with reserve food accumulation in starch plates

    rhizome– root-like structures

    sorus– a cluster of reproductive structures not raised above the surface, occur internally in some red algae

    spermatangium– a cell that produces a single spermatium

    spermatium– haploid male gamete, does not have flagella

    stipe– algal equivalent of a stem

    substratum– surface upon which algae attach and grow

    tetrasporangium– structure where four haploid spores are formed due to meiotic division

    tetrasporophyte– diploid plant that bears haploid tetraspores

    thallus– the plant body of an alga

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