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    The tide pool, one of Prionitis' homes

    Some Prionitis chillin' in a tide pool

    Prionitis at home on a rock

    Prionitis, just where it like to be – underwater

    Close-up of Prionitis in its element

    Prionitis in the lab

    Prionitis in the lab 2


    Holdfast, back view, with epiphyte

    Pinnate blades

    Cross section of thallus

    Carposporophytes imbedded in the gametophyte thallus

    Carpospores (each cell is a carpospore)

    Tetraspores (just underneath the surface of the blades)

    Tetraspores close-up, note cruciate division

    Young epiphyte

    More young epiphytes

    Hymenena attached to Prionitis

    Attachment close-up

    Hymenena covering Prionitis

    Hymenena in water...

    ...and out

    Close-up on Hymenena's beautiful blades

    More Polysiphonia
    Microcladia overgrowing Prionitis (some Hymenena too)


    Diatoms on an epiphyte on Prionitis
    Diatom on Prionitis
    Snail egg case

    Egg case close-up

    Bryozoan Tubulipora




    Snail Lacuna(?)

    Lacuna(?) underside

    Lacuna(?) underside (dark, but clearer shot)

    Compound tunicate Diplosoma

    Prionitis wrapped in Diplosoma

    Diplosoma surface close-up

    Diplosoma zooids

    Diplosoma zooid close-up (large pharyngeal basket, dark guts behind)
    Prionitis with lots of galls
    Galls on Prionitis

    Gall close-up

    Gall close-up

    Gall growing from thallus in cross section

    Gall cross section

    Created by Alice Chiu, 2003. Images may be used with permission.