Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Botany

    About the Author

    Alice Chiu was (as of March 2003) in her junior year at Stanford University. She is pursuing a lifelong interest in the oceans by spending a quarter at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, where she fell in love with Prionitis lanceolata (among other things, like the beautiful ocean, the playful seals, the awesome intertidal zone, and the refreshing sea breeze). Next quarter, she heads off to the Hawaiian Islands and Palmyra Atoll in search of further algal and animal adventures!

    The author would especially like to thank Judith Connor for inspiring her new-found appreciation for the algae, Patrick Martone for being an ever helpful fount of knowledge, Jim Watanabe for help in identifying the invertebrates included on this page, and the entire 2003 Marine Botany class for a fantastic experience!

    Samples used in the making of this page were collected from Hopkins Marine Station, Asilomar Beach, Breakwater Cove, and Stillwater Cove. All images were taken or created by the author, except for the photos of Polysiphonia. The author welcomes the use of her photographs; however, please notify the author of your intent, as she would be interested in knowing if and how they are being used.