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Bryopsis corticulans Glossary and References


Alternation of generations:
life cycle that alternates between a diploid and haploid phase (e.g. most common in green algae)

Anisogamy: gametes produced are of unequal sizes, e.g. female gamete might be larger than male gamete as in the case of Bryopsis

Diploid: 2 sets of chromosomes (2N)

Epiphyte: Organism that uses its host for living space with no real symbiotic relationship (epiphyte does not metabolically benefit from host)

Gametophyte: haploid life phase that produces haploid gametes for sexual reproduction

Haploid:1 set of chromosomes (1N)

Homothallic: coming from the same parent plant (vs. heterothallic)

Karyogamy: fusion of two nuclei to produce a diploid cell without going through the fertilization process

Monecious: male and female gametangia produced on same parental plant

Siphonous: multinucleate and tubular, with few or no tranverse septa (walls inside cell)

Sporophyte: diploid life phase that produces haploid spores (asexual reproduction)

Thallus: plant body (lacking true roots or stems)

Zoospores: flagellated spores released from sporangia on sporophytes


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