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Ulva is one of the earliest taxonomic descriptions used for algae. It dates back to the first edition of Carolus Linnaeus's Species Plantarum in the mid-18th century The name Ulva is derived from Latin and describes a marshy plant. The first time it was used, the word Ulva described several genuses that are now called Enteromopha, Porphyra and Nostoc. The only Linnaean species that truly represents the genus Ulva as it is categorized today is U. lactuca, used as the Type specimen for Ulva. Like with all other organisms in the world, the names and groups of species change as more information is found.

Kingdom Protista

Phylum Chlorophyta

Order Chlorophyceae

Family Ulvaceae

Class Ulvales

Genus Ulva

Species angusta, californica, costata, dactylifera, expansa, lactuca, lobata, rigida, stenophyll, taeniata

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