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Enteromorpha FAQs

UPDATE: Enteromorpha: synonymous with the genus Ulva

See Linnaeus was right all along: Ulva and Enteromorpha are not distinct genera. in Eur. J. Phycol (August 2003) 38: 277-293.

Q: Is Enteromorpha totally tubular?
A: Just look at the title of this webpage which is in the little blue bar going across the top of your browser. Word.

Q: Is Enteromorpha the most awesome living thing ever?
A: Oh fo' sho'

Q: I think Enteromorpha is awesome, don't you?
A: Word.

Q: Is there a point to this FAQ page?
A: Oh fo' sho'

Q: What is it?
A: Word.

Q: All right, are there any other websites where I can learn more about the allegedly altruistic and alluring algae?
A: Indeed there are:

Algae Base (A large database for algae)

The World of Algae

Freakin' Fucus

Q: Are there any print references that were used to make this website? And do you want to list them?
A: Oh fo' sheezy.

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Last updated: May. 11, 2009