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Enteromorpha Distribution

UPDATE: Enteromorpha: synonymous with the genus Ulva

See Linnaeus was right all along: Ulva and Enteromorpha are not distinct genera. in Eur. J. Phycol (August 2003) 38: 277-293.

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A macroscopic view of Enteromorpha and Ulva photographed in Stillwater Cove at Pebble Beach, CA. Enteromorpha, as well as Ulva, can often be found covering areas along the coast with green beauty.

A closer view of Enteromorpha, this photo was taken on Fisher Beach at the Hopkins Marine Station, in Pacific Grove, CA. It is possible to distinguish the individual fronds in this picture.

An even closer view of the surface of Enteromorpha, this time through a microscope. The tube that Enteromorpha grows in has been split and folded flat, so this piece of Enteromorpha is only one cell layer thick.

Now closer still, it is possible to distinguish individual cells.

The chloroplasts are now discernable in the individual cells, they are the greenish opaque parts of each cell.

The chloroplasts can be seen more clearly, and one can see that all of the cells are aligned in the same general direction.

This is the end of the exciting experience of entering Enteromorpha.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009