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  • tetrasporangia - cell in which diploid (2N) nucleus undergoes meiosis and forms four haploid (N) spores or tetraspores in the Rhodophyta
  • tetrasporophyte - diploid phase which produces tetraspores in the Rhodophyta
  • thallus - organism's body, not differentiated into roots, stems, leaves
  • thylakoid - photosynthetic lamella or sac
  • transition zone - intercalary meristem in region between stipe and blade where active cell division occurs in the brown algal order Laminariales
  • trichoblast - simple or branched filament at apex of the red family Rhodomelaceae
  • trichogyne - receptive elongation of the female reproductive structure in the Rhodophyta where male gametes become attached
  • trichothallic growth - growth from cell division at the base of a filament or group of filaments as in the brown algal order Desmarestiales


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009