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Marine Botany




  • saxicolous - living on rock
  • saxitoxin - neurotoxin produced by dinoflagellate Gonyaulax
  • seta - stiff hair, projection or bristle
  • sieve area - field of pores through which translocation occurs as in brown algal order Laminariales
  • sieve tube - longitudinal file of sieve elements as in brown alga Nereocystis
  • silicoflagellate - Chrysophycean organism with silicious skeleton
  • sorus - a group or cluster of reproductive structures
  • spermatium - non-motile male gamete in Rhodophyta
  • spore - cell which functions in reproduction but not as a gamete
  • sporophyll - fertile, spore-producing blade as in brown algal order Laminariales
  • sporophyte - the usually diploid spore-producting phase of a life history
  • stellate - star-shaped
  • stephanokont - with ring of flagella
  • stichidia - specialized branch bearing tetrasporangia in some Rhodophyta, usually larger than vegetative branches
  • stipe - stalk or erect portion as in brown algal order Laminariales
  • stromatolite - fossilized, calcareous accumulation of Cyanobacteria
  • sublittoral - below lowest low tide level
  • supporting cell - cell bearig the carpogonial branch in Rhodophyta
  • sympodial - mode of development where primary axis is continually replace by lateral axes which become temporarily dominant then are replaced by their own laterals


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009