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  • paramylon - a glucose polymer which serves a food reserve in Euglenophyta
  • paraphysis - a sterile hairlike structure among sporangia or gametangia, as those in the brown algal order Fucales
  • parenchyma - tissue composed of living thin-walled cells of equal diameter that usually function in photosynthesis or storage
  • parthenogenetic - production of new individual from single, unfertilized gamete, usually the egg
  • pelagic - living in the open ocean, offshore
  • pericarp - sterile jacket of cells surrounding the carposporophyte in the Florideophycidae
  • phagotrophy - endocytosis or engulfing particles of food as a mode of nutrition
  • phragmoplast - microfibrils parallel to the spindle axis at telophase across which a cell plate is deposited in cell division
  • phycobilin - biliprotein pigments of Cyanobacteria and Rhodophyta
  • phycobilisome - organelle on surface of thylakoids in which biliprotein pigments are present in Cyanobacteria and Rhodophyta
  • phycocyanin - blue water-soluble biliprotein pigment of Cyanobacteria and Rhodophyta
  • phycoerythrin - red water-soluble biliprotein pigment of cyanobacteria and Rhodophyta
  • phycoplast - assemblage of microtubules perpendicular to the spindle and at the equator of the cell at telophase in cell division
  • phylum - primary taxonomic grouping, division
  • pinnate - feather shaped, with lateral branches on either side of a central axis
  • pit connection - discrete len-shaped plug of cytoplasm held between two adjacent cell walls in the Rhodophyta
  • plankton - drifting organisms
  • planozygote - a motile zygote
  • plurilocular - having many small chambers or locules
  • pneumatocyst - gas bladder or float as in the brown alga Macrocystis
  • polyglucan granules - polymers of glucose somewhat like glycogen in animals
  • polysiphonous - having many filaments or pericentral cells as in the red alga Polysiphonia
  • polysporangium - a sporangium producing many spores, homologous with a tetrasporangium
  • polystichous - type of thallus constructed of true parenchyma as in some brown algal orders
  • polystromatic - blade of many cell layers
  • procarp - carpogonial branch adjacent to one or more auxiliary cells in Rhodophyta
  • procumbent - trailing, lying flat along substratum, prostrate
  • propagule - multicellular structure for asexual reproduction
  • protuberant - bulging outward
  • proximal - toward the base, distal
  • pseudoparenchyma - tissue resembling parenchyma with large, thin-walled cells, but developmentally filamentous
  • pyrenoid - organelle usually within a plastid, usually associated with starch food reserves


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009