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  • hairs - colorless, elongate unicellular or multicellular structures
  • haplobiontic - having single, free-living phase in its life history
  • haploid - having single basic set of chromosomes
  • haptera - multicellular structures that form holdfasts of kelps
  • haptonema - cellular extension with distinctive structure characteristic of some Prymnesiophyceae
  • hermaphrodite - having both male and female reproductive organs, capable of forming male and female gametes on the same individual
  • heterocyst - specialiazed, thick-walled cell of some Cyanobacteria which may be site of nitrogen fixation
  • heterogamous - sexual reproduction where gametes are not identical in size or shape
  • heteromorphic - having life history phases morphologically different, having distinctly different gametophyte and sporophyte stages
  • heterotrichy - filamentous thallus having erect and prostrate parts
  • heterotrophic - having non-autrotrophic, non-photosynthetic nutrition
  • holdfast - structure of attachment to substratum
  • holoplankton - organisms that spend their entire existence as free-floating drifters
  • hypocingulum - part of the girdle of a diatom frustule adjacent to the hypovalve
  • hypocone - portion of dinoflagellate cell posterior to the cingulum
  • hypogynous cell - cell directly beneath the carpogonium in the Rhodophyceae
  • hypolithic - living on lower surface of rocks
  • hypotheca - part of diatom frustule consisting of hypovalve and hypocingulum
  • hypovalve - flattened or covex plate of diatom frustule opposite the epivalve


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009