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Marine Botany




  • gametangium - cell in which gametes form
  • gamete - sexual cell capable of uniting in fertilization with compatible cell to form zygote
  • gametophyte - gamete-producing phase in the life history
  • geniculum - flexible portion of the thallus, such as the non-calcified segments between calcified intergenicula of articulated corallines
  • girdle - part of a diatom frustule between valves, also called cingulum
  • gland cell - special, refractive cell in some red algae which may function in secretion or storage of compounds
  • gliding movement - movement of an organism when in contact with substratum
  • gonimoblast - diploid filaments of carposporophyte (formed in Rhodophyta after fertilization) that bear the carpospores


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009