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Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Botany




  • facultative - exhibiting some ability or function under some environmental conditions but not under others
  • floridean starch - branched glucan polymer, storage produce of Rhodophyta present as granules outside the chloroplasts
  • fountain growth - multiaxial growth usually of many filaments in which cell divisions occur
  • fragmentation - production of new individuals from fragments of original individual
  • frustule - siliceous cell wall of a diatom
  • fucoidan - water-soluble, sulfated polysaccharide in Phaeophycean cell wall
  • fucosan vesicle - small, refractive particle or physode in cell of Phaeophycea, containing tannin-like compounds
  • furcellaran - sulfated polysaccharide gel (like carrageenan) found in cell wall of red alga Furcellaria
  • fusion cell - cell produced by fertilization


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009