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Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Botany




  • ectocarpin - sex hormone produced by female gametes of Ectocarpus that causes male gametes to cluster near source of the hormone
  • ectoparasite - parasite living outside its host
  • ejectosome - type of ejectile organelle found in cryptomonads
  • endocytic - living inside a cell
  • endophytic - living within tissues of host plant or alga
  • endozoic - living with tissues of animal host
  • epicone - part of dinoflagellate cell anterior to the cingulum
  • epilithic - living on rock or stone
  • epiphytic - living on a plant
  • epitheca - the epivalve and epicingulum of a diatom frustule or cell wall
  • epizoic - living on an animal
  • eukaryotic - having membrane-bound organelles
  • euphotic zone - that upper layer of the ocean that receives sufficient light for photosynthesis to occur, to depths of perhaps 180 feet in Monterey Bay
  • euryhaline - tolerant of range of salinities
  • eutrophic - nutrient-rich


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009