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About Dinoflagellates...

Dinoflagellates are incredibly important to the world's environment, but their significance is only now being fully discovered. A LOT is still unknown. The information here will only give you a taste of what dinoflagellates are all about, so I have given you some references, in case you find yourself thirsty for more. So go ahead and pick a topic!!!

A little bit of background on the discovery of dinoflagellates
The life history of the dinoflagellates, including their amazing sexual reproduction.
All the body parts of a dinoflagellate - inside and out.
A little bit about the dinoflagellate at home and the organisms it lives with.
Some of these guys really do glow!
Toxic and non-toxic blooms and red tides. Find out what it is all about.
  • Biological Clock
Dinoflagellates can tell what time it is without looking at a clock or the sun.
Some dinoflagellates are toxic enough to kill in minutes.
Where do dinoflagellates fit, in the tree of evolution? How far removed are they from us?

I hope that now you are dying for more information about these guys. If you are brave, you can read a paper I wrote, which goes into a little more detail on some of these subjects. After that, if you still have burning questions that you just need answered, allow me to guide you in the right direction:


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