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Gonyaulax Taxonomy

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There are over 2000 species of living dinoflagellates. Half of these are photosynthetic, while half are heterotrophic. All species of Gonyaulax are photosynthesizers. Dinoflagellates are grouped into two major groups, based upon the presence or absence of a theca. Those without a theca are called Syndinea, and are often termed zooxanthellae and are symbiotic with coral. Dinoflagellates that possess a theca are called Dinokaryota. They are free-living and are further classified by their thecal plate and flagellar structure.


 Divisions of Protista


Subdivisions of Pyrrophyta

  Classes of Dinokaryota

Subclasses of Dinophyceae

  Orders of Peridiniphycidae

  Families of Gonyaulacales

Genuses of Gonyaulacaceae
  Archea   Chlorophyta       Gymnodiniphycidae     Ceratiaceae  
  Animalia   Rhodophyta     Blastodiniphyceae   Dinophysiphycidae     Ceratocoryaceae  
  Plantea   Heterokontophyta  Syndinea   Noctiluciphyceae   Prorocentrophycidae   Peridiniales   Crythecodiniaceae  
  Protista   Pyrrophyta   Dinokaryota   Dinophyceae   Peridiniphycidae   Gonyaulacales   Gonyaulacaceae   Gonyaulax
 Fungi             Goniodomaceae  
  Monera            P yrocystaceae  

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