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In order to fully appreciate Pseudo-nitzschia, it is helpful to gain an understanding of diatoms as a general entity. This "Diatoms" link includes other links to learn more about general information (diatom terminology here!), growth & reproduction, silicon use, collection & study, and biological significance. Click and learn more!

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If you are already familiar with diatoms, here are the links to interesting information about Pseudo-nitzschia.

Click and enjoy!

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Taxonomy

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Morphology & Anatomy

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Chemistry

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Toxin Production

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Reproduction & Life History

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Motility

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Ecology & Natural History

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Identification Methods

ball2.gif (132 bytes)Field Work

Last but not least...

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