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Silvetia compressa (J. Agardh) Serrão, Cho, Boo et Brawley

(which used to be called Pelvetia)

Silvetia compressa (J. Agardh) Serrão, Cho,Boo et Brawley is a medium sized macroalgae, with a dark green to black color. When dessicated, it becomes shriveled and tough.

It has dichotomous branching in one plane due to the division of an apical cell. The reproductive structures are located in receptacles at the tips of the branches; Silvetia is a perennial and the receptacles disintegrate after it has fruited.

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Variations along a wave exposure gradient

Credit Rhoda Lin

© 1996 R. H.  Lin

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009