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now Silvetia compressa (J. Agardh) Serrão, Cho, Boo et Brawley

Pelvtia compressa



Silvetia compressa (J. Agardh) Serrão, Cho,Boo et Brawley] is a common rocky intertidal brown alga on the west coast of North America ranging from Coos Bay, Oregon to lower California (Ensenada.) There are several important aspects to its lifestyle. Click below on the subjects you would like to learn more about.

Morphology Reproduction/Life History Ecology

All photos taken by R.H. Lin from algae samples and slides prepared at Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, California, USA. Pelvetia logo designed by Justin Strharsky.

Credit Rhoda Lin

© 1996 R. H.  Lin

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