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Amber Rais

I am (in 2003) an undergraduate student studying Marine Policy and Conservation Biology at Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station, and I fell in love with Stephanocystis (then known as Cystoseira) during a class snorkel near Coral Street in Pacific Grove: a day I'll forever cherish!

If you have any questions or comments regarding Cystoseira osmundacea or this website, please e-mail me!

This project was motivated, guided, and cheered along by both Dr. Judith Connor and Patrick Martone; thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge! Many thanks also go to Jim Watanabe for use of an awesome underwater digital camera, to Chris Patton for technical / moral support, and to my fellow classmates and dive buddies for a spectacular quarter! Thanks everyone!

All photographs shown on this webpage were taken by the author. Please feel free to use any that may strike your fancy; hopefully they'll help communicate an appreciation and enthusiasm for getting acquainted with our fascinating neighbors in the sea.

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Last updated: Mar. 16, 2015