Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Shore Side Data System
SSDS Status and Plans

Current System Status

The Shore Side Data System provides operational data management for the following platforms, including processed data products from those platforms:

  • AUV-CTD (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Conductivity-Temperature-Depth),
  • MOOSE Science Experiment Mooring ,
  • MOOS Science Experiment Benthic Instrument Nodes (BIN), and
  • MOOS Lite (CIMT) Mooring.

It also incorporates post-processed data from the OASIS moorings, and processed data from engineering and lab installations.

A brief list of the implemented capabilities includes:

  • Ingest of streaming metadata-aware data,
  • ingest of data products,
  • management of metadata, including:
    • operational deployment relationships,
    • detailed use and search information on variables, and
    • processing histories,
  • basic access to raw data streams via web form and API,
  • sophisticated access to information via search and navigation (the Explorer interface) and
  • access to most data products via Java application (HOOVES), including:
    • access to raw data files,
    • visualization of data items,
    • visualization of data histories,
    • simple merging of data, and
    • access to all descriptive metadata.

Future Development

Specific features and efforts which we hope to continue in the future include:

  • integration of data sets (using simple interpolation),
  • web-based query services,
  • simplifying metadata entry for typical users,
  • improved API capabilities, such as
    • asking for an individual item or set of items from a data set,
    • asking for all the data from a given instrument, and
  • working off action items identified during development so far.

Our future development will likely focus on providing better integration with quality control and visualization service, and improving the architecture and code sufficiently to support public release of the system and its source code.

MBARI intends to release SSDS for public use (see out Release Plan).

Last updated: Dec. 18, 2012