Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Shore Side Data System
SSDS Requirements Development

MBARI began working on comprehensive research data systems in the mid-1990s. Current planning for the Shore Side Data System started in 2000 as part of the Monterey Ocean Observing System program.

The following documents have addressed SSDS goals and requirements:

The SSDS Requirements Document contains detailed definitions of the SSDS goals. Because the development process is iterative, the goals are re-prioritized according to the projects at hand. For the MOOS Lite or CIMT project, the most recent SSDS application, CIMT scientists and data users prioritized the implementation of this list of "user stories". This document captures the state of development near the end of the project and illustrates the real tradeoffs involved in a sophisticated software development effort. For the final product, see the MOOS Lite (CIMT) Mooring web site.


MOOS Workshop Report (pdf)

MOOS Data Management Workshop Report (pdf)

SSDS User Survey (pdf)

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Last updated: Dec. 18, 2012