Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Shore Side Data System
Data and Data Products

Available Data

    By Platform

  • CIMT data access pages 
    Quick look access to various data streams from the CIMT mooring
  • Favorite Quick Links

  • MTM GPS watch circle plot 
    The location of the MOOS Test Mooring compared to its expected range
  • CIMT GPS watch circle plot
    The location of the CIMT mooring compared to its expected range
  • Access to raw data

  • SIAM raw data access 
    Provides a form to retrieve raw data from SIAM data streams (devices). If the data is in consistent, simple format, charts can also be provided. Note that this page only uses raw data itself, not its descriptive metadata.
  • Data access servlet (API) 
    This link will give you a message (from the servlet) describing how to request data via a web address. (Some special knowledge is required to effectively use this page.)

Registered users

  • People registered
    Lists people who have previously registered devices with SSDS. People responsible for devices must be registered with the system.

Add or edit a user listing


  • Devices registered  
    Lists the devices registered with SSDS. The registration process allocates a device ID; the Device ID is the key reference for finding data. (Many of the devices are for simulation or testing purposes.)

Add or edit a device listing


  • HOOVES (test machine) 
    Points to the Java Web Start for the HOOVES application that is pointing to our test machine (often changing, unstable version)
  • HOOVES (regular) 
    Points to the Java Web Start for the HOOVES application that is pointing to our production machine (software changes less, but points to real data)

Data Processing documentation

  • AUV CTD data processing 
    The details of setting up the AUV CTD portal, submitting data to SSDS, and executing the Science Data Processing that results in Ocean Data View Files being accessible through HOOVES.

Other SSDS Pages and Sites

  • SSDS project website 
    A web site that document the SSDS project development.
  • Bug tracker
    Please enter any bugs about the SSDS system in the bug tracker that can be accessed by this link. If you have any questions about the bug tracker, please check with the SSDS team.
Last updated: Feb. 06, 2009