Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Shore Side Data System
MBARI Project Report

SSDS - Shore-side data system - 2001

Project Manager: Mike McCann/John Graybeal
Lead Scientist: John Ryan

During 2001, the MOOS data management effort achieved several milestones. With the Information Applications Group staff increased to its full complement, the team outlined and reviewed initial MOOS data management requirements with MBARI scientists, and generated a rough architectural concept for the newly named Shore Side Data System (SSDS). Attendance at NSF-sponsored workshops on Data Management and Scalable Information Networks provided current context and vision, as well as several candidate tools and collaborations for the MOOS data solution.

This year the SSDS team implemented several prototypes to address particular data management questions. These prototypes provided valuable first-hand experience with proposed solutions, while also solving immediate MBARI data management needs. Prototyping experience gained this year with DODS, XML, netCDF, and other data description standards is applied directly to the MOOS SSDS design.

Another important development was the increasing collaboration with the NEPTUNE and MARS data management projects. These projects share many data management characteristics with MOOS, and developing software in common could benefit all parties. Such teaming also complements the ongoing SSDS partnership with the MOOS Instrument Software Infrastructure development. The ISI and SSDS architectures must work smoothly together to produce a viable data system, and in 2001 the two teams began coupling their technical work within the MOOS Systems Engineering framework.

Last updated: Feb. 06, 2009