Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

17th Annual MBARI Intern Symposium   

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

9:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m., Pacific Forum   

9:00–9:15 Diane Wyse Lasers, lights, phytoplankton: laboratory calibration of optical sensors from autonomous underwater vehicles
9:15–9:30 Heather Fulton-Bennett Through the looking glass: holographic and molecular detection of zooplankton
9:30–10:00 Kendra Hart Sensory response by the deep-sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus fragilis) when exposed to climate change effects 
10:00–10:15 Miguel Uzcategui A low cost, underwater CO2 sensor for education and research
10:15–10:30 Bailey Hoover Shearwater—a novel over-the-horizon mission platform
10:30–10:45   Break
10:45–11:00 Claire Languionie-Marchais First observations on Pardioatra tube worm mat ecology on the abyssal seafloor
11:00–11:15 Larissa Clary Deep-sea holothuroid responses to nutrient fluctuations
11:15–11:30 Kelly Lance Science and technology illustration: An effective tool for compelling communication
11:30–11:45 Andrew Leitholf Creating a seagoing ultraviolet ammonia lab
11:45-13:00   Lunch
1:00–1:15 Vigneshwaran "VG" Soundararajan Upwelling, AUV and resuspended materials: do upwelled waters have a direct effect on resuspending sediment on Monterey Bay's continental shelf?
1:15–1:30 Alba Marina Cobo Viveros A synthesis of sea water pCO2 along the western coast of the Americas
1:30–1:45 Nettie McMiller Web cruise: exploring ocean science through 2012 Gulf of California expedition
1:45–2:00 Dylan Rolicheck Geospatial database administration
2:00–2:15 Oriol Pallares IP PUCK implementation and verification
2:15–2:30   Break
2:30–2:45 Alexander Jaffe Time-series analysis and visualization of midwater zooplankton ecology: automating long-term studies of the VARS dataset
2:45–3:00 Nicholas Sohn Developing parameter estimation techniques for controller optimization of a coastal profiling float
3:00–3:15 Wilson Sauthoff Experimental determination of methane dissolution from simulated subsurface oil leakages
3:15–3:30 Ben Burford Adolescence and the desire to fit in: behavior and mimicry in the juvenile and subadult life stages of the mesopelagic squid, Chiroteuthis calyx


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