Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Steve McPhail

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems (MARS) facility

The Autosub AUVs: Multisensory, multi-scale mapping from the Polar Seas to the Tropics.

Wednesday — January 25, 2012
Pacific Forum — 3:00 p.m.

For 15 years the Autosub range of autonomous underwater Vehicles (AUV), designed and built at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, have been exploring of the world's oceans. Highlights have been: mapping under Arctic sea ice near Greenland in 2004, exploring underneath the 60 km ice tongue of the Pine Island Glacier in the Antarctic in 2009, and helping to discover the world's deepest and hottest known hydrothermal vent site, 5 km down, in the Caribbean sea. More recently, the Autosub6000 AUV has carried out detailed sonar and photographic mapping of seabed habitats in the inhospitable seas near Rockall and the Darwin cold water coral mounds, North of Scotland. In the talk, I shall describe these campaigns, the practical and technical issues, and how things can go horribly wrong. I'll also talk about our future plans with a new, very long range Autosub, and the concept of air launched AUVs.


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