Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

16th Annual MBARI Intern Symposium   

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m., Pacific Forum   

9:00–9:15 George Matsumoto Welcome and introduction
9:15–9:30 Justin Tucker Shearwater: Fluid dynamic considerations for development of a WIG capable AUV.
9:30–9:45 Anna Gallagher Measuring the concentration of CO2 in the deep ocean: Methods and detection limits using laser Raman spectroscopy.
9:45–10:00 Jason Adelaars Geospatial analyses of oceanographic and atmospheric parameters off the California coast.
10:00–10:15 Jaine Perotti Software development for a low voltage load switching board.
10:15–10:30   Break
10:30–10:45 Audrey Djunaedi Dosage response of a zooplankton molecular detection system with true environmental background.
10:45–11:00 Samantha Peterson The Identification Process: Human and Program (AVEDac) Effectivenes
11:00–11:15 Brandon Genco A continued study on the abundance and population structure of the functionally important holothurian Elpidia minutissima, at the long-term abyssal study site Station M.
11:15–11:30 Diane Wyse Sensing, scattering, and surrogates: Analysis of data from the laser in-situ scattering and transmissometry 100X sensor on the Dorado autonomous underwater vehicle.
11:30–1:00   Lunch
1:00–1:15 Michael Fong WaveGlider observations of pCO2, pH, and upwelling dynamics in the Monterey Bay during the spring 2012 CANON experiment.
1:15–1:30 Dongsik Chang Another perspective of ocean currents prediction for navigation: Tradespace between vehicle performance and ocean model accuracy.
1:30–1:45 Patricia Clark Go with the flow: a study of lava morphologies and flow distribution on the Alarcón Rise, Gulf of California, Mexico.
1:45–2:00 Peter Corr-Barberis Improving the dynamics, efficiency, and recoverability of the PowerBuoy System.
2:00–2:15   Break
2:15–2:30 Erica Curles The internal and external Deep-Sea Guide: Developing for the public versus an internal client.
2:30–2:45 Francisco Lopez Matlab stoqstoolbox for accessing in situ measurements: Example of use for the CANON data and JPL Monterey Bay ROMS model output.
2:45–3:00 Geraldine Fauville MBARI diving into social media.


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