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Manufacturing DNA microarrays and applications at Agilent Technologies

Bill Peck, Ph.D.;  Eric LeProust, Ph.D.
Agilent Technologies

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
3:00 PM – Pacific Forum

Agilent is a leading worldwide provider of microarray-based genomics research solutions. Agilent's product portfolio includes reagents for sample preparation and microarray processing; systems for sample QC and high-throughput microarray scanning; 60-mer oligo microarrays, custom microarray design services; and industry-leading informatics tools including GeneSpring and Rosetta Resolver.  

The seminar will be presented in two parts. Dr. Peck will begin the seminar discussing engineering aspects of the in-situ manufacturing process. The in-situ process relies on picolitre-scale deposition of reactive chemistries at discrete locations to synthesize molecules in place on the slide surface, building the polymer one base at a time. This process is in contrast to conventional deposition based microarrays that deposit pre-synthesized molecules at discrete locations. We will review technical aspects of the inkjet based microarray printing process and discuss some of the problems encountered driving to higher density products that now have 240,000 features on a single 1” × 3” standard microscope slide.

Dr. Leproust will continue the seminar and present general aspects of the chemistry of the in-situ manufacturing process as well as illustrative examples of the application of microarray technologies to answer biological questions relevant to researchers interested in the understanding and treatment of genetic variations and human diseases.

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