Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2005 Internship Symposium
Thursday, August 18, 2005
Pacific Forum

8:25–8:30 George I. Matsumoto

Welcome and opening remarks. 

8:30–8:50 Katrina Fuller
Mentor: Caren Braby

From macroarrays to microarrays: Adapting the ESP sandwich hybridization to a new platform

8:50–9:10 Tzvetina Erohina
Mentor: Charlie Paull

Foraminiferal assemblages from three southern California submarine canyons-Santa Monica Basin

9:10–9:30 Urlette Reyes
Mentor: Kim Fulton-Bennett

LINKing Monterey Bay


Joanna Tennant
Mentors: Bruce Robison & Lou Zeidberg

Stable isotope analysis of the little red jellies: Are they eating different foods?

9:50–10:10 Break
10:10–10:30 Pierre Venuat
Mentors: Brian Schlining & Nancy Jacobsen Stout

MBARI Deep Sea Guide: Designing a web interface that represents information about the Monterey Bay deep sea world

10:30–10:50 Jerome Mariette
Mentor: Duane Edgington

Segmentation of objects in underwater video


Clarisse Bartau
Mentor: Dan Davis

Using HDTV cameras in a cable based ocean observatory


Ritwik Biswas
Mentor: Zbigniew Kolber

Methodology, design, and testing of light and temperature regulation system for laboratory chemostat

11:30–1:00 Lunch break
1:00–1:20 Eric Peterson
Mentor: Gary Greene

Marine mass movement in the Monterey Canyon, California

1:20–1:40 Laura Figoski
Mentor: Steve Haddock

Fluorescent protein lure of the hydromedusa Olindias formosa attract prey.

1:40–2:00 David Tolan
Mentor: Mark Chaffey

Replacing MOOS fiber communication link with copper loops using xDSL

2:00–2:20 Caroline Dietz
Mentor: John Ryan

Physical-biological coupling in Monterey Bay following a period of wind relaxation

2:20–2:40 Break
2:40–3:00 Theo Brower
Mentors: George Matsumoto & MBA & MATE

Lego robotics for ocean science education: Water and electricity do mix


Sasha Tozzi
Mentor: Ken Johnson

Part 1: Investigation of photochemical reactivity of iron in seawater
Part 2: Spatial and temporal dynamics of variable fluorescence in the California current and Monterey Bay


Robin Svensson
Mentor: Jim Barry

Does the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH) apply to deep-sea benthic communities in Monterey Canyon?


Paul Mahacek
Mentor: Bill Kirkwood

Revenge of the SWATH